Request Access for Community Events

Would you like to input local events, news, and updates on the home screen of our community's mobile APP?

Our community is unique with local features, news, alerts, and events. We allow these features to be controlled by local non-profits, and not-for-profit entities within the local mobile APP! We call this access level to our local app a "Community User".


Community Users are local entities such as Chambers of Commerce, local city governments, city municipalities, downtown business alliances, and even entities like the ASPCA and/or city event coordinators. All these entity types must first apply for granted access to our system. All approved Community User applications are welcome to contribute to the home screen of the local community APP with their own news, alerts, upcoming events, and much more!


In addition to the ability to input any event, news, or local updates in to the community app home screen, selected Community User accounts may also be granted the ability to send Push Notifications out to the public! These Push Notifications are an additional feature with the approved Community Users online portal and allows for a broadcast message to be sent to all local app users across the entire community at once!

If you're interested in becoming a Community User and contributing your entity's public events to the local app, please take a moment to carefully fill in the information requested as accurately as possible in the section below. This submitted information MUST be 100% accurate in order to fulfill the request.


Your entity's Federal ID Tax Number (EIN) is requested in the application so that we may confirm that your entity is a legitimate candidate to post upcoming public events. Please understand that we must use caution with granted accesses. Notifications displayed within the app hold a certain degree of responsibility and we take that reputation very seriously. 

Request for Community User Access